About CRC

CRC Robotics’ mission is to promote STEM and encompasses various fields of interests in a competitive setting since the first competition in 2001. It incorporates these disciplines in these competitions:

  • Robot: The assembly, design, and engineering of a working robot. The robot is then programmed to complete a game, competing with other team’s robots.
  • Programming: The writing that makes electronics go. It is a dedicated competition for programmers to solve computer tasks.
  • Kiosk: The assembly and design of a working space for the robot.
  • Website: The design and writing that makes a website pop.
  • Video: Lights, camera, action! Teams present their work and their institution through a five minute video.

The Arcanum 2022 competition is set on April 28th to 30th at École secondaire Curé-Antoine-Labelle.

Visit CRC Robotics' website for more information.

The Game

Arcanum 2022 brings a teamwork-based game. Five teams work together in waves of five minutes to repair stations using nanobots, shaped as golf balls. These nanobots cannot be launched, otherwise teams face disqualification.

Playing Field, Stations and Turbos

consists of three platforms: one low platform in the centre and two high platforms. Robots can traverse between the two high platforms by using elevated rails in the middle of the field or by going through the low platform.

There are five types of stations teams will repair:

  • : It is a long horizontal tube where a nanobot is inserted at the right side. There is an open trapdoor inside the middle of the tube which can be closed by pressing a button at the left side of the device. To fix the station, the nanobot must roll to the left side of the tube.
  • : It is a container that tips over when filled with a certain amount of nanobots. This fixes the station.
  • : It is a set of three tubes of varying colors (red, blue and yellow) and heights where robots must insert nanobots in a specific order indicated by lights. Once completed, the station is fixed.
  • : It is a four level Rube-Goldberg-style mechanism that requires a nanobot to roll down to the bottom. The robot uses handles to allow the nanobot to change levels, leading it down to a repair level where the station gets repaired.
  • : It is a set of four buttons scattered throughout the playing field: two in the low level and one in each high level. All buttons must be pressed in order to fix that station.It is a set of four buttons scattered throughout the playing field: two in the low level and one in each high level. All buttons must be pressed to fix that station.

is also a bonus component to the game. It is an elevated scale that tips towards one high platform. Robots must pull the side of the scale down to activate it. The side that the turbo is pulled down towards will have its points doubled for all its broken stations.

How to Get Points

  • By fixing a station, the teams involved will be rewarded 50 points.
  • If the turbo points down to a certain side, teams get double points for fixing stations on the side the turbo faces. However, it does not work for control centres.
  • By increasing difficulty, more bonus points will be rewarded for repairing more stations per wave.

More Information

For more detailed information about the game, visit CRC Robotics' Arcanum 2022 Competition.

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